Why my husband hates me? – What can I do about it ?

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A lot wives who are going through issues in their marriage ask me, Why my husband hates me? , and I am not really able to understand what are the issues in our marriage or with me that he has to hate me as a whole.
Did you husband say that he hates you ?

Do you feel that your husband really meant it and it was not said in a moment of anger?

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A lot of times we say a lot of things that we literally don’t mean but are extremely hurtful to others. When we hear something of this sort from our husbands it really hurts us.
And when that involves about him “hating” us, that is even more painful and depressing to us.

First and foremost,

We need to understand and analyze as to what are the things that are happening in our married life that is “forcing” the husband to say such hurtful things to we their wife’s.

What is the frustration all about in our husband that he has to hate you!!

# Overcome Husband’s hate BY Changing your behaviors, expectations and attitude:

We tend to think that when a couple lose interest and affection in each other and argue a lot most of the times, their marriage will finally end up in divorce.

This need not necessarily be true as many of the marriages have been brought back from the brink of separation and divorce by changing simple behaviors and expectations along with a change in attitude. What is more important here is how much willing and ready are you to make the change in you that your husband dislikes.

To win back the love of your husband and restore the peace and happiness in your marriage both of you need to change. But the CRITICAL thing to understand here is; the change in you will create a change in him.
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# Know the reason for your husband’s hate:

When you see that your husband is making himself distant from you and is aloof and at times showing signs of hatred-ness, then it’s really important for you to look at your behavior and see what may have caused him to behave that way to us.
You need to ask yourself questions like;

– Do I nag him a lot and cling to him too much? ,
– Do I need his attention all the time and very stubborn about it ?,
– Can I make decisions for myself or do I rely totally upon my husband for each and every thing in my life?

Try to know and understand the fundamental reason for his hate towards you. At times you may be really surprised to know the real reason, which could be really small and even silly. Most of the times It may involves some behavior or attitude of yours that puts him off.

If you are very much concerned that your marriage could break apart, then check out how you can save your marriage today.

# What is that in you that your husband hates:

Run through how the last few days went for you with your husband. How good was your attitude and behavior towards him?

One of the common reasons is as years pass by in marriage, we at times tend not to actively listen to our husbands any more. At times it is we who have become distant and not him, and he is just reacting to the way how we are to him.

Is the hate because of your other priorities

Are your children if you have them becoming more of your priority and is that becoming a detriment to your marriage? Or is it your work that is doing this?

You need to put you priorities right so that we are able to successfully manage all of them together in your life and career. Also try to develop interest in his life and pastimes /hobbies and indulge in them together.

But keep in mind that you do not need to be subservient and plead with them. Because doing so will make you lose yourself respect and dignity. And when you lose you respect and dignity, how can use expect your husband to show them to you.

Here are some of the ways how you can rebuild and restore the love of your husband in your marriage.

Give yourself a makeover

At time changing the way you look and dress from time to time can be exciting and interest your husband. To put it simple, even a new hair cut or a different dress style can make all the DIFFERENCE to a failing marriage.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, Whatever be the cause, there is always a way to solve YOUR problems in your marriage. Remember one of the most important thing you need to know If you want to save your marriage is to show your husband you love him but not in a needy, clinging and nagging way.

Above are some of the few tips and advice on how you can do to begin to reconnect with your husband when he seems distant.

Believe in your self and in the love you have for your husband. The love we have for him will make you see the happy days of your future together with your husband. Also do check the links to guide you more in depth on how you can regain the love of your husband and how you can makeup with your husband.

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